The ZV is the most innovative gang tool lathe ever engineered. No other gang tool lathe offers these unique features and benefits .

ZV stands high above the crowd by offering three distinct options:

  • Vertical Design
  • High Accuracy
  • Superior Speed

Vertical Design

The vertical design offers numerous machining benefits. Chip flow is the most obvious. This allows tool to be free of chips and allows for faster, more efficient part production. Additionally the vertical design allows for the use of live tooling, making the spindle positioning options even easier to work with. This design allows for the  requirement of cross drilling and milling setups to be easier and more flexible. No longer are centerline confinements of live tool size an issue.

High Accuracy

The most significant optional feature of the ZV is the ultra accuracy that it can achieve. No other gang tool lathe can compete with the output of the ZV. .00005” ( 50 millionths) accuracy is available at the touch of a button. World class precision linear guideways and precision ground lead ballscrews accompanied with a high performance servo system from Fanuc and Fagor deliver unsurpassed performance accuracy, and repeatability.

Superior Speed & Accuracy
With the advantage of utilizing world class components, the ZV offers outstanding performance. The 6,000 rpm High Performance Spindle provides high precision turning capabilities with ultra quick accel and decel. The gang tool slide offers quick changeovers and decreases cycle times dramatically. The tool to tool time is enhanced with rapids At approx. 800 ipm.

 Standard Features:
  • Fanuc OiTB CNC Control
  • Work Light
  • Foot Pedal for Chucking System
  • Programmable coolant system
  • Lubrication System           
  • Electronic Control Box Cooler
  • 42mm Center Line Distance

Fanuc OiTB CNC Control
 Optional Equipment:
  • Fagor 8055 Control
  • C Axis System
  • Chip conveyor
  • Parts catcher 
  • Chip bucket
  • Live tooling
  • Hardinge Style
  • Tooling Blocks
  • Riser Plates

Fagor 8055 Control

More Information

  Machine Features

  Powerful Spindle Motor with Hydraulic Collet Closer
Quality Lubrication System Optional Chip Conveyer
Parts Catching System 90° Toolplate

Machine Specifications
Description Data
X axis travel 12.00”
Z axis travel 7.00”
Rapid traverse 800”/min ( 1181”/min Opt.)
Max. bar capacity 1.062” (1.25” Opt) (27mm-32mmOpt.)
Spindle Nose 5C – A2-4
Chuck Size 5.3"
Spindle motor 5HP
Spindle speed 100-6000 RPM
Collet Type 5C
Chuck Clamping Style Hydraulic
Positional Repeatability 0.00005” ( 0.000025 Opt.)
Positional Accuracy 0.0001” ( 0.00005” Opt.)
Axis Maximum Feed Rate 400”/min (10.15m/min)
Spindle length with Closer 30” ( 762mm)
Spindle Configuration A2-4
Tooling Center Height 1.653”( 0.5” & 0.75” Opt.)
Coolant Capacity 25 gallons
Coolant Pump Power 1/2hp
Total Power requirement 208-230 VAC 3 phase 7.5KVA
Machine Weight 3700 lbs.
Machine Dimensions 60” X 52 ” X 72”
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice
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