GTS Benefits

  • 5650 lb. Solid Polymer Composite Base (see PDF for details)
  • Slant Bed Design
  • 15" of X-axis Travel (for more tooling capacity)
  • 6,000rpm Spindle
  • Superior Rigidity, Space Efficiency

Machine Features & Advantages

The GTS CNC Lathe provides superior mechanical advantages that equate to longer life, better performance and highly accurate machining specifications.  The GTS 27 mm (1.062 inch) gang tool, slant bed lathe is built with the most advanced machine construction technology with features and flexibility unmatched in an affordable and sophisticated design.

Polymer Base

The polymer composition material is superior to all other materials in dimensional and thermal stability, and is chemical and water resistant.  It will not grow like cast iron when subjected to hot chips.  The one piece polymer base material is sound adsorbing and therefore does not radiate cutting noise.

It will not rust, warp, bend or bow due to stress relief.  Consequently, the machine is capable of faster travels, better finishes and enhanced tool life.  Acceleration / deceleration characteristics are also improved which is most important when high speed machining small parts.

Polymer concrete is a composite material produced by mixing a variety of mineral fillers together with a polymer resin binding agent.  When combined through a process of mixing, molding and curing, an extremely powerful cross-linked bond is formed.  The end result is an ideal structure for a machine tool base.

Rigid Cross Member Carriage

The cross member carriage design incorporates a honeycomb structural configuration that is the optimum combination of lighter weight, stability, strength and rigidity.  The honeycomb structure provides superior thermal stability, essentially eliminates stress relief distortion, and dramatically reduces parasitic frequency conduction for substantial noise reduction in machining originated noise which produces increased cutter stability, improved surface finish and better tool life.  The positioning system features high pre-load, low friction, four circuit, roller linear bearings and a precision ground ball screw in a super precision thrust bearing set.

T-slots allow for the easy mounting of  1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 position tool holders.

Advanced Spindle Performance

The high performance, 6,000 RPM spindle is a modular configuration that provides unsurpassed thermal stability, efficient heat dissipation and noise suppression.  Internally, the superior design and construction continues with super precision thrust bearing The collet closer is an integral part of the spindle and headstock for a most rigid, balanced system, higher RPM and better concentricity.

Precision Axis Positioning System

The positioning system features linear technology.  High pre-load, minimal friction, four circuit roller bearings and a precision ground, maximum pre-load ball screw are mounted in a super-precision thrust bearing set. Axis drive motors are AC, brushless type designed to deliver maximum speed, performance and reliability.  The servo amplifiers include an integrated power supply accepting analog, digital or serial signal inputs.  Exceptional high speed and smooth, low speed performance is achieved, resulting from sinusoidal commutation via high resolution integrated encoders.  Additionally, software enables parameter set-up, back-up and restore capabilities via PC computer.  Auto- tuning, advanced diagnostics and performance graphing functions are provided.

Live Tooling

Live tooling is available in an assortment of both pneumatic and electric systems.  These high precision units are low profile and work well with the gang tooling configuration of the GTS.  They are available in 30K and 50K spindles.  All units accommodate gear reduction modules that can increase torque up to 40 times.  Systems are available in a broad range of angled and straight spindle modules for drilling, milling or grinding.  They are generally purchased for use with indexing or C axis capable machine configurations.

Tool Holders

Dynamic Machine Resources, Inc.has an extensive array of tool holders, work holding devices, specialty tooling, tooling packages and live tooling options available to satisfy most needs.


GTS Machine Specifications
X Axis Travel 15.0”
Z Axis Travel 7.5”
Spindle Motor 5 HP
Spindle RPM (variable) 100-6,000
Spindle Bore 1 1/16”
Maximum bar size 1 1/16”
Standard Hardinge® Tool Holders 1/2”
Maximum Chuck Size 6”
Axis Drives Digital w/ brushless motors
Axis thrust 900 lbs.
Feed Rates 300 ipm
Rapid Travels 800 ipm
Position Repeatability ±0.00005”
Position Accuracy ±0.0001”
Collet TIR not to exceed 0.0002”
Coolant Capacity 17.5 gallons
Compressed Air (clean, dry) Requirements 5 SCFM
Voltage 230 VAC
Power Requirements 7.5 KVA
Machine Weight 5,650 lbs.
Machine Dimensions, w/o options(Length, depth, height) 51” x 53” x 70”

Dynamic provides complete parts, service and support for the GTS CNC gang tool lathes

Additional Features

  • 60 degree slant bed design results in ergonomic component placement and excellent chip and coolant flow.
  • Gang tool configuration significantly reduces cut to cut time.  There is no time lost for turret indexing.
  • 20” tool plate for multiple tool mounting and flexibility.
  • Gang tool mounting method supports rapid, independent tool changes and touch off.
  • NSK type K1 maintenance free linear bearings are used on all linear axes.
  • Operator door safety interlock switch.
  • Threading capability with 1024 line encoder.
  • High reliability, liquid tight, axis homing switches.
  • Industrial, stainless steel, interior telescopic way covers for ball screws and linear rails.
  • Work light.
  • Full enclosure for chip and coolant splash guard, powder coated for additional chip and corrosion resistance.
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